Zeemboug Growth – April 2024

Academic growth is a great thing and it’s happening today, in the northern Ghanaian village of Zeemboug, because friends like you invested in building this rural village a primary school in 2020!

The Jack Beu Primary School In Zeenboug was funded, in large part, due to a generous legacy gift from the Beu family in honor of their beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Jack Eugene Beu

The Jack Beu Primary School is swelling at nearly 300 students, as there are no other schools around. All “nearby” villages are sending their kids there – some are coming from as far away as 5 kilometers (3.10 miles)! There is no bus or carpool, so these kids are walking to school. That’s how much having access to a school means to them.

These children are thriving in school, and they don’t want to stop learning! The only thing potentially stopping them, there is no junior high building in their village. Together, we can change that.

So that’s why Framework is committed to building Zeemboug a three-room junior high school block. So the children who have aged-out of primary school, will no longer have to study in two crudely built mud huts – they will have a safe and sturdy school building in which to continue their education. We want these kids to continue thriving in their schooling! And a new junior high school block is the best way to encourage that.

Celebrate with us the Jack Beu Primary School of Zeemboug! Watch this video and see the school transform, not to mention all the photos of the children who now call it their school home. 

Zeemboug is the most remote and rural village we’ve built a school in. The village is hemmed in by vast fields and dirt roads, which are filled with deep crevices. It’s a slow and treacherous drive by car to get there, so access to the village is very limited. Zeemboug can get torrential rains and winds, and flash flooding too. This further isolates them. And it also means, for any student studying in a building with inadequate roofing, like their current junior high has, they may have to stop their education during their rainy season – which is four months long!

For many Ghanaian students, the only education they will receive is the free one the government provides, and that stops after junior high. For Zeemboug families who earn less than $2.00 a day, paying the fees for additional schooling, which in this case would be boarding school, is truly unattainable. 

The cost to bring Zeemboug their brand new three-room junior high school block is $40,000. Will you join us in building a junior high school block in Zeemboug? Your generous financial gifts toward this project will make a tremendous impact in a young life. It will allow children, especially children from neighboring villages, to continue their education past the sixth grade.

Lifelong educator Jack Beu’s passion for education continues today in Zeemboug through its primary school. We want to continue a legacy of education in this village, by encouraging and challenging every child who walks through the school’s doors – so that they may truly know the life-transforming impact education can and will have on their life. Please join us in this, by building these children a junior high school block.