Jack Beu Primary School

The Yakote Women Farmers, one of our strategic partners, told us of the great need this rural village had for a school. Their lower primary-aged students were using two crudely-built mud huts for their classrooms, and their upper primary students were studying “under the trees” outdoors. Soon, so much positive momentum started happening in this rural village. The Yakote Women Farmers dug wells for them to have fresh water and then the Ghanaian government decided to rebuild an abandoned primary school that will have bathrooms for their students, equipment storage, an administration room, and two classrooms. Because of this, we were able to change the footprint of our building from a three- room to a four-room classroom. For the first time in its history, Zeemboug will have a fully functioning six-room primary school! We were able to fully fund this school, in large part, due to the generous legacy gift from the Beu family in honor of their beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Jack Eugene Beu. Education was key to Jack. His entire career was in service to others – professionally, as an elementary school teacher and school principal; in retirement, as a person always looking for opportunities to connect with those in need. In honor of Jack’s service, and in recognition of this gift, the school was named in his honor: the Jack Beu Primary School of Zeemboug.

Region of Ghana: Upper East

# of school rooms: six

Estimated school student population: 350