Empowering Africa’s youth through the construction and renovation of public schools in Ghana.

Empowering West Africa’s youth through the construction and renovation of its public schools.

Many children in Ghana have no access to a primary education because there is no school in their village, or if they have a school building, the structure is in such poor shape it’s hardly fit for livestock. Poor roofs and siding can cause school closures when it rains or dilapidated foundations provide snake access, scaring children and affecting their learning. If there isn’t a village school, girls aren’t encouraged to travel to a neighboring one as they are needed nearby to help with mid-day chores.

Through Framework’s fundraising we are able to transform school buildings, often using local materials and workers, giving all children an opportunity to have a safe and sturdy school in their village in which they can joyfully learn.

This future generation must be empowered to be informed world citizens and thus lead their villages and nation into a brighter future – education is the framework for their success.

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