Edukuma Primary School

The Ghanaian central coastal region of Ekumfi Edukuma needs a primary school. Edukuma is a village in transition. It’s what the locals consider a “drive by,” as it’s a small town off a main road with nothing much going on in it. Cassava, similar to a potato, and maise, which is like corn, are the main crops of this village and families can earn up to $2 a day harvesting them. Because of the village’s proximity to the beach, women will often buy fresh fish and walk these to nearby towns and villages to sell. 

Edukuma’s six-room primary school is crumbling. It was built in the early 90s, out of wood and tin, and is located in a valley between two hills. When it rains, all the rain ends up in the valley, flooding the school. Because of the rain damage over the years, the school is destroyed – wood rot, crumbling mud foundation, and torn roof sheeting. It is no longer safe or usable for the children as a school. The elders of Edukuma believe that having a new primary school is a critical step in reshaping a hope-filled future for their village.

Since 2004, Framework International has been building schools in Ghana. The Edukuma Primary School will be our 10th school project and the eighth one we’ve partnered with Building for the Future Generation in building. Right now, our school buildings are providing a safe and secure structure for nearly 3,000 Ghanaian kids in which to learn.

The Edukuma Primary School will be a six-room primary school that will accommodate up to 350 kids (pre-K through grade 6), with administration, storage rooms and bathrooms. The cost of this new school build is $70,000 or around $200 per student.

We will be building this primary block in two phases:

Phase 1: 2021 - $30,000 cost of build

We will lay the foundation for the entire school building and build three classrooms that will be fully outfitted and functional for commissioning Fall 2021. These three classrooms will house the lower primary students.

Phase 2: 2022 - $40,000 cost of build

We will build and outfit the remaining three classrooms (for the upper primary students), build an administration office/storage room and bathrooms with running water for commissioning Fall 2022.

2021 School Build Highlights

Here's a 2021 video overview of the school build!

We all want to provide hope and make a difference. Building the village of Edukuma a primary school will do both.

“Building a school in a community changes a lot of things. Some kids, most of the time, walk almost an hour to school. Having a school in their village, gives them the opportunity to to start school and stay in school as well. Having a school in the community helps to reduce the rate of illiteracy.” – Ben Rockson, Building for the Future Generation