Before and After

In Ghana, schools either belong to the government (public) or are owned by a group of private individuals (private). Government public schools are widespread throughout the country. As a result of their abundance, they receive little attention from the government, especially schools in the rural areas. Once the schools are constructed the government generally does not provide funding for renovations or upkeep. 

Many of these schools have been neglected for years without maintenance or renovation. Consequently, a large number of these schools have poor roofing as the metal sheets can be destroyed with extreme changes in weather, cracked walls that are easily collapsible, cracked and uneven floors, old desks, chalkboards and other school materials etc. All these provide an exceptionally unsafe environment for students and teachers. The rate of new school construction falls far behind the rapid population growth, leaving the area with a deficit of school facilities. 

Framework collaborates with the local school districts who provide the teachers, curriculum and administration for the school. We are able to build, renovate and maintain schools at a fraction of the price it would cost the government by using local material and workers – stimulating the village’s economy, as its children are able to attend school.

2023 – Build #10: Hasowodze Primary School

2023 – Renovation: Small London Primary School (Roof)

2021-22 – Build #9: Edukuma Primary School

2021 – Build #8: Small London Junior High School

2020 – Build #7: Jack Beu Primary School

2019 – Build #6: Kwaman Primary School

2018 – Build #5: Piitanga Primary School

2017 – Expansion: Small London Primary School

2016 – Renovation: Amanfro Primary School (maintenance and new roof), Kwansakrom Primary School (floor), and Akwakwaa Primary School (maintenance and new restrooms)

2015 – Build #4: Kwansakrom Primary School

2013 – Build #3: Akwakwaa Primary School

2012 – Build #2: Small London Primary School

2007 – Build #1: Amanfro Primary School (Linfield Primary)

2004 – Lindfield school trip ... the trip that started it all