Teacher Abigail Wants to Tell You Something – April 2022

Abigail, an upper primary teacher at Edukuma Primary School, wants you to know something about her students:

“A new school will help motivate their spirits in coming to school and enhance teaching and learning!”

Abigail, who has been teaching at Edukuma for five years, is passionate about helping her students achieve their full potential. She works hard to “impart good morals and knowledge to the younger ones.”

Because Abigail firmly believes: 

“Every child must be able to go to school to help break the barrier of inequality. Education is fundamental to stop poverty. I hope to have a conducive environment for my students to gain the basic knowledge needed to do this.”

This is why she has always wanted to be a teacher, and why she is proud to be a teacher at Edukuma Primary School.

“Teaching is fun for me everyday, something new and exciting, “ she says. “At the end of the day, it feels like I have made a difference.” I think you’ll join me in recognizing that she has. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve been working hard in Edukuma these past two years, to give this village something that they’ve been wanting for years: a new school building for their children.

There’s another thing Abigail wants you to know: 

“The staff of Ekumfi Edukuma Primary school says ‘thank you’ for building our kids a safe school to learn in.”

We have just a few more months to raise the money needed to finish Phase 2 of the Edukuma Primary School build. Right now, we’ve got $12,000 left to finish this project, before we can start a new one. I just know that we can raise it – together. So please give generously today. Abigail, and all the wonderful teachers in Edukuma are counting on us.

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,

Seth Prickett

Framework Founder and Board Chair

P.S. Victoria and Selina are happy to have the opportunity to be in school. Why? Because one out of every five children in Ghana are out of school and working in jobs that are often strenuous and dangerous to their health and safety. Some, as young as eight years old, are being denied their rights to learn and grow. These girls want you to know: “We dream of having a better future. Thank you for building us a school.”