It's the People! - Nov 11, 2019

November 7, 2019

As I am getting ready to embark on what will be my 14th trip to the vibrant country of Ghana, I am reminded as to why I have grown to love this country: it’s the people. 

Since that first trip way back in 2004, when I was a wide-eyed college student embarking on a month-long adventure through the West African country, to now, a 15-years-the-wiser “adult”… my yearly trips to Ghana have become an annual re-centering for me. It puts life into perspective. It makes me grateful for the privileges that I have, here, in the United States, and it makes me thankful for the strong relationships and friendships I have in Ghana.

2010 Small London School groundbreaking with Framework volunteer Dorothy Spence and kids from the village.

It’s because of those relationships that I am reminded as to why Framework exists, and it’s been the same for 15 years – it’s the children. 

Today, as it was in 2004, we recognize two things: the distance in which the US dollar can be stretched in Ghana and the enthusiasm for learning shown by its children.

Ghana has come a long way since they gained their independence over 50 years ago. Despite its third-world status, they are a model of governance and economics. They have made serious investments in its future with a goal of providing public schooling for its children through high school level; contributing teachers and an established curriculum. Nationalized education through the Ghana education board is one of the most developed and advanced in Africa!

For all this progress, Ghana still has far to go in meeting global standards in education, economic development and sustainability. Its growth is outpacing its infrastructure. Communities suffer from overcrowding, poor sanitation and unemployment. As the literacy and education levels rise in the population, so does the demand for improved learning environments.

This is where Framework makes a difference and provides hope for the younger generation.

Students from Piitanga at their official school opening ceremony after performing a cultural dance.

By renovating or building educational facilities, we are assisting in the development of not only Ghana’s future leaders, but the future leaders of Africa as well. Children, especially children in rural villages, will safely be able to attend school … in many cases for the first time! They will have a comfortable building in which to learn – no longer having classes outside, where they are vulnerable to the elements, or crowded in mud huts with inadequate space to accommodate all of the village’s primary-aged children.

This year, I will be in Ghana November 20 to December 8. I will be spending Thanksgiving there with a few supporters from the US who are joining us on this trip. We will be celebrating the official opening of our sixth school with Kofi, our contractor with Building for the Future Generations, and his team, along with government representatives from Kwaman, the Ghana education board, and the people of Kwaman for their primary school’s sword cutting ceremony!

There are 350 kids in this rural village who are so excited to officially start school. And I can’t wait to meet them!

The Kwaman School in Ghana's Central District officially opens this month.

All this is possible because of your support. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or are a new friend, your contribution empowers Ghana’s youth. I see it every time I go to Ghana and visit one of our schools. Your dollar goes far in Ghana – we are able to build, paint and outfit a school for less than $50,000. That’s amazing. And 100 percent of your contribution goes to it, because we are a volunteer-run organization with very little overhead. We’ve been this way for 15 years … and we are working hard to stay this way. And with your support, we can.

I can’t say it enough – thank you! And I can’t wait to introduce you to some of Kwaman kids I meet, so you can see how this work is making a huge impact in the lives of children, their families, and the community of a Framework International school.

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,


Seth Prickett

Framework International Founder and Board chair

P.S. I am excited to share the vibrant culture of Ghana with you – the colors, food, and especially the people through pictures and videos from our trip. I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to Friend or Like us at Framework International.

P.S.S. If you want to see for yourself the impact Framework schools are having in Ghana, think about joining me on our Fall 2020 trip!

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