Meet Ben – July 2020

Framework International is growing … not just with regard to our schools (which we are in the process of building TWO right now!), but in regard to our team. I am pleased to introduce you to the multi-talented Ben Rockson (pictured above), who is our official Ghanaian photographer!

I’ve known Ben since September 2013, when he started working for Building for the Future Generation (BFG). (By the way, Kofi [our BFG contractor] is Ben’s cousin.) In high school, painting was Ben’s hobby so he immediately gravitated toward painting when working with BFG – and he “always enjoys painting the school walls.” 

Ben sees firsthand the transformational effect having a school in a village means to its community. He tells me,

“Building a school in a community changes a lot of things. Some kids, most of the time, walk almost an hour to school. Having a school in their village, gives them the opportunity to to start school and stay in school as well. Having a school in the community helps to reduce the rate of illiteracy.”

Although Ben is working in construction right now, it’s not his field of study. For the past few years, he was at university getting his bachelor of arts degree in graphic design, with a concentration in motion graphics and photography. Taking photos is Ben’s passion, and he always puts his "projects first to make my customers see the passion in my photography. I am passionate about the pictures I take, this helps to tell the story and also get people to know the kind of situation these kids are facing in the villages.”

A girl from the village of Small London helping with the mid-day chores.

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Here’s a couple more of Ben’s photos …

A picturesque Ghanaian beach shot through Ben’s lens!

Children from the village of Small London.

School Build Update

The Jack Beu Primary school experienced a pretty big storm recently, and the winds blew up and over one of its roofing sheets. Thankfully, that was the only damage and it was an easy fix! The Small London Junior High school just finished having their foundation trenches dug and these will be filled with cement blocks, rocks and rebar. Building on this school will be suspended for a few weeks so the rainy season rain can settle all the dirt, naturally compacting it. Work on both of these schools will start back up in mid-to-late August.

Building for the Future Generation construction worker at the Small London Junior High school preparing the rebar for the school’s foundation.

Thank you for your partnership and for your support of Framework International! Because of your support, there will be two new schools built and ready for kids come fall! These kids and communities wouldn’t have these schools without you! Ghanaians, like Ben, see the transformation these schools bring to their communities. You are making a real and lasting difference, right now, in Ghana through your partnership with Framework.

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,

Seth Prickett

Framework Founder and Board Chair

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