Medaase! – September 2021


Thank You (or Medaase!) to all who joined us at our annual Garden Party last Sunday! It was a beautiful afternoon recognizing all that YOU and Framework International has accomplished in building schools in Ghana this year. To date, the Garden Party has raised nearly $13,000 to kick off Phase 2 of the Edukuma Primary School building project! This is a Garden Party record, and we are so thankful for your support that has made it happen. Medaase! 

At the Garden Party, we celebrated the progress made on the Phase 1 school build in the village of Edukuma. This phase included laying the foundation for the entire school building and building three classrooms that will be fully outfitted and functional for commissioning fall of 2022. Right now, the roof is being put on, and soon, for the first time ever, Edukuma will have three classrooms to house their lower primary students!

Check out this video that Ben (our Ghana photographer) put together that shows the progress from ground breaking to now on the building site. It’s a real community effort! A school transforms a village and we are seeing that happen in Edukuma as the community rallies around Building for the Future Generation in building their school. It’s an all hands on deck effort!

Watch Edukuma Build Their School!

Phase 2 of the Edukuma school will cost $40,000. It includes building and outfitting the remaining three classrooms (for the upper primary students), building an administration office/storage room and bathrooms.

Even if you couldn’t join us in person, it’s not too late to give a gift in honor of the Garden Party. We’ve raised quite a bit to kick off this project, but we’ve still got a ways to go to fully fund Phase 2 of this building project. Please consider making a generous donation today. 

Again, medaase for your support of Framework International! 

Seth Prickett

Founder and Board Member

Framework International

P.S. Everyone does their part when it comes to building a school for Edukuma! As their parents fill in the rebar, concrete block, and cement foundation with dirt, these kiddos do their part by patting it down. They may not realize it, but they are helping to build their future school! #educationforall