It's a Goat Kind of Celebration: Part 1 – January 15, 2020

January 15, 2020

At an official opening of a Framework school in Ghana, the village comes together and throws a celebration in our honor – entertainment, speeches, and gifts. And there tends to be one gift we typically receive, which is precious to the community … a goat!

A goat has a lot of value to a Ghanaian community, not only for their foraging, but they are a staple of the Ghanaian diet. And boy, did we get a feast at the Kwaman Primary School celebration – a big goat stew meal!

We are so appreciative of the Kwaman community. The Kwaman Chief was so thankful, that during his speech he gave me a special gift – honorary “chief” status of their village. This is the first time I’ve been granted such an honor, and it is a significant way to recognize Framework (including YOU!) for the transformation we brought to this community. What an honor! Chief Seth… I love it!

The Kwaman village chief presenting a plaque to Seth and members from the Lake Oswego Rotary, whose donation rebuilt the Kwaman Primary School.

At the Kwaman celebration, I was particularly moved by a play the children put on for us, as part of the entertainment. It had such an important message, I want to share it with you … but I am going to save that until tomorrow. For now, I want to share some more pictures of the November trip.

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,

“Chief” Seth Prickett

Framework Founder and Board Chair

Framework’s school in Small London. They've had such successful enrollment, they are now looking to expand!


This is the Kwaman village, and their kids are leading us in a parade as we enter the town square for the school celebration.

(Above) This is the beach where Kofi, Building for Future Generations, brought us to meet with local fishermen. Did we get some fresh fish? (Below) Yes! Here’s Kofi, showing off one of the days catch.

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