Seth is Heading to Ghana! – January 2021

Join me in celebrating that Framework International had its most successful fundraising year ever – and we couldn’t have done it without YOU! 

Because of your generosity, we were able to build two schools in 2020 – the Jack Beu Primary School and the Small London Middle School. Now, nearly 700 MORE children and youth will be able to joyfully attend school in their village!

To participate in their commissioning, I am traveling to Ghana on January 25 and will be there for 11 days. I will also be there for the groundbreaking celebration of the 2021/22 school project, the Edukuma Primary School. It will be a jam-packed trip as I attempt to visit as many Framework schools as possible. I plan on taking lots of pictures and am already looking forward to sharing them with you when I get back!

At each Framework school I visit, we would like to give the students new soccer balls and equipment to help them celebrate the reopening of their schools from Covid-19.

Soccer is hugely popular in Ghana. Before school, during their lunch break and after school, if there are friends, a ball and a flattish surface, you will find Ghanaian children happily playing soccer. 

We would like to give each school a couple of soccer balls, some cones or a net for goals (they typically use rocks for goal posts), and maybe even some jerseys. We anticipate it will cost about $200 in soccer supplies for each school – so approximately $1,000 in total (as I hope to visit five schools). 

In the midst of all this goodness, however, there is also sorrow. My dear friend, work colleague, and fellow FI board member Joel Fischer passed away earlier this month. Joel firmly believed that: 

“Education is the most powerful tool we have.”

He spent 12 years working in Oregon politics with a focus on education, environment and economic development policy. He worked to bring these core focuses to life in meaningful ways, beyond politics, by sharing his vision and passion to organizations like Framework. 

It will be with a heavy heart that I head to Ghana knowing that I won’t be able to recap “this shared adventure” with him when I get back. But I will honor Joel by smiling a little wider at the joy radiating from all the children I meet, knowing that his life made a difference in their lives, and will continue to so, through his work with Framework International.

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,

Seth Prickett

Framework Founder and Board Chair