Great Things Are Happening – April 2023

Small London Primary School – Renovation Almost Completed

Great news! The roof is up on Small London's Primary School and we are just about done replacing its windows.

Small London Primary School was completed by Framework in 2012. It needed a new roof for the school block to be usable again – and today, thanks to you, we’ve got a new roof on this six-room school block!

Team members from Building for the Future Generation remove old windows at Small London Primary School.

The team fits solid wood shutters into the window frames. Shutters will prevent strong winds from blowing rain into the school building during the rainy season.

Once the windows are all in, classes will resume in this block. Right now, the children who would normally learn inside these classrooms are being absorbed into other ones. They can’t wait to be back in their school home when this much needed renovation is finished.

Rotary Club of Lake Oswego Continues Its Partnership with Framework

Framework International board member, Alan, is actively involved in the rotary. He and I were recently at the International Service Committee meeting for the Rotary Club of Lake Oswego, where Alan was able to share about our new Hasowodze build and request that this become a special club project that allows Alan to reach out to other rotary clubs for funds.

Not only did the Lake Oswego Rotary Club approve that, but they also approved a $5,000 contribution to the Hasowodze build from their club! We appreciate the Lake Oswego Rotary Club and their generous support of Framework International over the years – and to Alan for representing us to this great group of civic-minded folks!

Hasowodze Primary School Students Are Thankful for Rotary International!

A Couch for a Roof? 

How one board member turned $700 into $2,800!

That’s what happens when a little creativity can make a big difference. And what one of our board members, Carey, decided to do to help raise the roof at Hasowodze Primary School. 

Roof wood for the Hasowodze Primary School has arrived and is receiving treatment for termites before being installed.

We’re raising the roof!

Carey had a couch she wanted to sell, and she decided that whatever the price of the couch sold for she would match it, and then submit it for a corporate match – so the couch could really make a difference in raising the roof at Hasowodze. That means the $700 purchase price of her used couch turned into $2,800 for Framework. Pretty great! 

With the season of spring cleaning upon us, maybe you have an item or two you can try this with? It feels good to sell things that you no longer have use for, especially knowing that they are going to make a big difference in the lives of children in Ghana through Framework.