You’re Building a Future! – March 2022

You’re building more than a school when you partner with Framework International – you’re building a future!

I’d like you to meet one of our Edukuma students – Felicia – who will be learning in our new Edukuma Primary School.

Felicia is 12 years old and is in the 6th grade; her favorite school subject is history: Our world, Our people. When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse. Her teacher tells us that she is “academically good,” and that she is “very sociable and achieves in class.” Plus, she’s quite fluent in the English language. That’s a bright girl, with the potential for an even brighter future!

And Felicia knows her future will be bright, if she has access to an education.

Right now, she is learning in Edukuma’s old primary school, which is being replaced due to flood damage. Poor structures make learning tough when having to deal with Ghana’s harsh weather. Felicia says, “In the rainy season we are forced to go home when it rains,” and during the summer, “sometimes we go and sit under trees because the weather is too hot staying in the classrooms.”

Felicia’s parents, who are pineapple farmers, agree with Felicia when it comes to the difficulties caused by the inadequate school building in their rural village. Felica’s father says: 

“In this community, most of our children don’t go to school because of the condition of the school structure. If my daughter is able to complete her education, I know she will come back and take care of me and also the community as you are doing for us.”

That’s building a future!

Having access to an education, with a safe and secure building, gives children learning opportunities that were once out of their reach – and that’s what Framework is providing. We are building strong schools that will withstand Ghana’s tough climate, and are incorporating innovative designs, like new windows that will increase airflow to make learning more comfortable.

Truly, having access to an education is a basic human right, and having a new primary school in Edukuma will ensure that every child in this village will know how to read and write. And it gives children, like Felicia, the opportunity to hope and dream for a brighter future – one where she can even give back to her parents and to her community.  

So I am asking you today, will you please support Edukuma’s students, like Felicia, with a generous gift of $50, $100 or even $200?

Your gifts continue to go far in Ghana and will provide for things such as:

$50—will pay for a student’s desk and chair (150 desks and chairs to be made)

$100—will buy one of six classrooms their chalkboard

$200—is the actual building cost per student for Phase 2 (150 upper primary students)

$400—will equip one of six classrooms with a set of double doors: including framing, doors, and locks

$1,000—will paint the entire school block!

We have just over $12,000 left in construction costs to finish building this school. Every nail, piece of wood, and cement block is an investment in a student’s life. Felicia tells us it’s true! The children of Edukuma are discouraged that they don’t have a proper school to learn in. You are changing that, right now. And today, through your gift, you can continue making a difference in Ghana, in Felicia’s future, by building a school. I encourage you to give generously today. 

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,

Seth Prickett

Framework Founder and Board Chair

P.S. Work IS progressing at Edukuma. Just a reminder of where we’ve been to where we are now!