Changed Lives – July 2021

Today is my birthday, and I can hardly believe that I am now 39 years old. But what makes this birthday extra special, is that I am now the proud father to Truman Fischer Prickett, a beautiful little boy who brings Grace and I so much happiness. He is the best gift I could ever have asked for.

As you can imagine, being a dad has changed my life. It’s not just the crazy sleep schedule or the newfound responsibility of raising our little guy, it's a new, focused aspiration. I want Tru to have every educational opportunity available at his disposal to help him grow into the best version of himself so that he can achieve his greatest dreams.

I know that the communities, teachers, and parents of the children we serve in Ghana have the same hopes and dreams for their kids that I have for Tru, but they may not have a school in their village to help them achieve this. In a rural village in Ghana, kindergarten is not guaranteed. A basic education can be just a dream. And for girls, if there isn’t a school in the village they can’t go, period.

I can’t imagine a world where my child wouldn't have access to a basic education.

For 15 years now, I’ve watched and participated in how providing a school for a community in Ghana changes lives. I believe that having access to education is the best way to get out of and prevent poverty. And as you and I know, education is the door that can lead to opportunity. 

When I think of the nearly 3,000 children that we have helped to receive this opportunity by providing a Framework built or renovated school in their village, I can’t help but smile and realize that this is the best gift to give. I hope you’re smiling too. Because of you, these children are getting a chance to make their dreams come true. Just like what I hope to provide for Tru

Kids' lives are forever changed when a school is in their village – they are finally able to get an education that opens doors to opportunities! You make this possible through your financial partnership that has allowed the building of seven schools in Ghana with two more ready to open this fall. 

Thank you for your partnership and for celebrating my birthday with me. You’re a gift to me too!