It's a Goat Kind of Celebration: Part 2 – January 16, 2020

Did you enjoy the pictures I sent you of our annual Ghana trip?

I hope so, and I hope they gave you a taste of the colorful and dynamic culture that is Ghana. The people, and their kindness, are as bright and varied as the clothes they wear, the food they eat, and the music they listen to!

As I mentioned yesterday, at the Kwaman celebration, I was particularly moved by a play the children put on for us, as part of the entertainment. It had such an important message, I want to share it with you now. So join me in Kwaman, where there are a thousand community members – young and old, many in traditional costumes – celebrating their future!

A young village girl and an “old” man (who is really a young boy dressed up to be an old man) meet in the village center.

The “old” man approaches the young girl and tells her: “I have money and I want you to be my wife.” 

He gives her a small handful of money. The young girl, intrigued, looks at the money and counts it. She then throws it down, denying his proposal.

The “old” man, not to be discouraged, leaves and comes back and presents her with an even larger amount of money. 

Once again, the young girl looks at the money and throws it away. 

At this rejection, the “old” man jumps up and down, pulling up his britches, shaking and causing all sorts of ruckus. This young girl … he wants her for his wife! 

So he comes back when an even larger handful of money and presents it to her. 

She looks at the money, which is probably more money than her entire village earns in a year, and shouts at the “old” man, “NO! I want to go to school!” throwing down the money and stomping away from him.

When the young girl shouted, “NO! I want to go to school!” the entire village cheered! And I joined them in cheering … because I joined them in joyfully celebrating the significance and importance of having a Framework built school in their village.

Children in Kwaman now have a chance for a free primary education, which is their first step in ending the cycle of poverty – giving them a hope-filled future! And this is especially important for young girls, who without an education, could be lured by “older” men purchasing their lives. 

The community of Kwaman understands this, and they want to stop it. Now they can … by having a newly rebuilt primary school in their village, so all, especially the working poor, can have a chance at an education. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I thank you for standing with Framework and supporting transformation in Ghana. Your donations, whatever the amount, have a HUGE impact in the communities in which we build a school. I can’t tell you this enough. It’s amazing. And being in Ghana, celebrating the grand opening of our sixth school, I was vividly reminded of it.

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,

Framework Founder and Board Chair

P.S. I just had to share one more photo of the celebration – the colorful dance the children presented us with!