Be Part of “a Big Step” for Edukuma – June 2021

Would you send a child to this school?

This is the “old” Edukuma Primary School, the site of our 2021/22 school build. This structure was built in the early 90s, out of wood and tin, and is located in a valley between two hills. When it rains, all the rain ends up in the valley, flooding the school. Because of the rain damage over the years, the school is destroyed – wood rot, crumbling mud foundation and torn roof sheeting. It is no longer safe to use as a school. But, because they have no other options – this school desperately needs classroom space for its students – it is being used as a classroom for its upper primary children.

Deborah Donkor, a teacher at Edukuma Primary School says,

“To be able to have a good education, we need a proper structure within a good environment where both teachers and pupils will feel comfortable to teach and learn effectively. 

“With a new school building, we will not stress about the weather when it rains, because we mostly close school when there is a storm. Attendance will increase and academics will be effective. Having a new school building will be a big step for Edukuma Primary School.” 

Phase 1 of the Edukuma Primary School build costs $30,000. And thanks to the generous support from friends, like you, we’ve raised just over $20,000. This means, we only need $10,000 to finish building three classrooms that will be ready for students to use in the fall of 2021. I am asking you today, will you please help us reach our $10,000 goal with a generous gift?

Perhaps you can give a gift of $200, which is the build cost for one student, or maybe you can give a gift of $50 or even $400! Whatever the amount you can give, you can feel confident in knowing that your gift will be wisely used in building the village of Edukuma a school.

We can’t let the rainy season stop these students from learning. We know from experience, having built eight schools in Ghana over the past 15 years, that the gift of a new school building increases attendance, makes academics more effective, and provides a brighter future for students and the community. Please consider a gift to build the village of Edukuma a school today.

Yours empowering Ghana’s youth,

Seth & David

Seth Prickett, Founder and Board Member & David Van’t Hof, Board Chair


Edukuma School Build Phase 1 Update

Over the last month, village volunteers worked hard filling in the new school’s foundation with dirt and then compressing it by standing on a wood board. They will continue to do this until the rains come, which will naturally assist in the final compression. The rainy season lasts until mid-July, that’s when we can resume construction on the school by laying a solid cement foundation on top of this compressed, dry dirt.

Board News

We are pleased to announce that Alan Campbell and David Van't Hof have joined Framework International’s board of directors. They bring extensive board and non-profit experience to the team, as well as a passion for Africa. David was a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, and more recently, lived with his family in Kenya where he worked on developing solar projects in rural villages. Alan has spent much of his life involved with charitable organizations, starting with Boy Scouts as a child, continuing with Rotary International, and most recently Framework International. He also joined Seth on the 2020 Framework trip to Ghana, where he participated in the official school opening of the Kwaman Primary School that was funded, in large part, by the Lake Oswego Rotary.

Also, with Seth focused on being a Dad, he stepped down as board chair and David was appointed as our new board chair. We are now a strong team of six board members and growing. We hope to increase and diversify board membership in the coming months and to enhance our connections with Ghanaians in the US and people with a background in education. Please email David and let him know if you are interested in making a difference in the lives of students in Ghana by serving on the Framework board.

Garden Party

Would you like to use your exceptional organizational, procurement and party planning skills to make a difference in Ghana? Seth’s wife, Grace, has organized the annual Garden party the last few years, but as you know, she (and Seth) are on maternity leave. There is a binder filled with all the details, we just need help making it happen! If you can lend a hand in any way – especially procuring silent auction items – please let Alan know. And don’t forget to save the date for the Garden Party on Sunday, September 12 from 3 to 6 pm. We can’t wait to see everyone in person!