A Trip of a Lifetime – June 2024

What was your trip of a lifetime? Have you had one?

Mine was probably my first trip to Ghana as a college student over 20 years ago. It wasn’t so much the destination or purpose of that trip that made it the “one” for me, although it is a pretty great place to visit! But rather, it's because that trip became an impetus for a pretty significant journey in my life. One, I am so thankful to share with you – Framework International!

We want you to have a “trip of a lifetime,” so I am inviting you to join me November 4 to 14 and travel to Ghana with Framework International!

I’ve led over a dozen trips to Ghana over the years. And each time, it’s been amazing. We’ve been awestruck with Ghana’s wildlife and rugged terrain, its hospitable people, and all the amazing food! It’s also a humbling place in our shared global history.

But after all these years, I am hanging up my tour guide badge. This will be my last trip leading a Framework group in Ghana. You can make it extra special by joining me and board members Jonathan, Alan, and Carey as we travel to Ghana this fall.

You may have questions as to how a trip like this could work for you. And we have the answers (at least we hope we do!). We’ll answer your questions like: how long is the flight, how do I get a Visa, what shots (if any) do I need, and what’s the weather like? You’ll also learn a little more about what we have in store for you on this trip of lifetime.

To give you a quick overview of this trip to tempt you to join us …

We start by traveling west to visit Small London Primary and Junior High schools. You'll meet children whose lives are being transformed because they have access to education – that’s because you helped to build them schools! We will then visit Kakum National Park where we will have a jungle canopy walk and hiking opportunities. While in this region we will visit the Elmina Slave Castle and explore Cape Coast (former British capitol city for the Gold Coast). As we travel back to Accra, the nation's capital, we will visit a working cocoa farm to see the origins of our favorite food group: chocolate.

We will fly north to Tamale and drive to the Mole National Park where we will stay and you can enjoy the pool or explore the park on a walking or driving safari tour (ELEPHANTS!). Just outside the park, we will visit the village of Larabonga and see one of the oldest Mosques in West Africa Built in 1421. From there we will pass back through Tamale where we will visit the Red Clay Studio and Museum on our way to Bolgatanga (this is the area that’s famous for the African baskets).

But our purpose for being up north is the main event – we will celebrate the groundbreaking of the Zeembough Junior High with the students, the village, the school administration, and the village leaders. I don’t know if I can put into words how significant these celebrations are. There is so much joy, excitement, and thankfulness that radiates from the community, especially the children. This village is celebrating every one of you, and your commitment to bring them a school. It’s awesome. It really is.

We design these trips to be a good blend of social tourism – visiting the schools that you helped to build with your generous gifts; exploring Ghana's unique sites; and plenty of relaxation with comfortable accommodations. If you come, you’ll be joining first time adventurers Carey and Kathy, who is Jonathan’s mother. 

Please join us for a trip of a lifetime, and join me as I lead one last group through a country that I’ve come to love – and one that feels like my second home. Email us at [email protected] for more information.