We're Raising the Roof – January 2023

It’s been 11 years since Small London Primary School was built, and now, it’s time for a little TLC!

Just outside the suburban area of the capital city, Accra, along the West African Highway is a small road heading north towards a farming village called Small London. It is here where our second Framework built school is – a six-room primary school block designed to serve 200 children. And it’s been a busy school ever since. So busy in fact, that we built this village another three-room primary school block in 2017 (and a two-room junior high school block in 2022) to expand their capacity.

The Small London Primary School was built utilizing the best materials and construction methods we knew of at the time, and thankfully, since we’ve started partnering with Kofi at Building for the Future Generation, we’ve only improved on our techniques. But, with constant use, and the harsh realities of Ghanaian weather, we’ve now got a renovation on our hands.

Here’s what we’ve got going:

  • Replace the roof, both the support structure and corrugated roofing sheets that have been torn open from winds and rains with thicker and stronger sheets
  • Replace “old-style” glass louvered windows with newly built wood square-slat ones that provide continual air flow and structural stability
  • Resurface the old cement floor, which has potholes from constant use, to make it smooth and safe for use
  • Paint the building, providing further protection against the weather

The total cost of this renovation is just over $17,000, and we are thankful that, through your generous gifts, we have the funds to complete this renovation. We are ambitious with our renovation time frame, as we want to beat the rainy season which starts in May, so we’ve got four months to finish this project. Thankfully, Kofi and his team are on it, and have started the renovation.

Francis, BFG Lead Carpenter

This is but one of the two projects that we hope to accomplish this year in Ghana. 

The second is another renovation, and this one is major.

The central Ghanaian village of Hasowodze (sounds like Hass-oh-dee) is not unlike many of the communities we serve: they are a rural village, they need a school building for their kids, and the government is unable to help. 

Many years ago the government did try to build them a school, and one was started by President John Atta Mills. Unfortunately, he passed away while in office, and there have been two governments since, and neither of those administration’s presidents took back up the project.

What’s amazing is that after all these years the structure they started is still usable – despite looking like a backdrop for an overgrown jungle! And since we are able to build off of it (a licensed structural engineer gave us approval), this school renovation will be about half the cost of what a build of this size would be, at just $27,000.

We hope to get the roof on this school before the start of the rainy season too, to help mitigate structural damage. All we are lacking are the funds to get started. We only need an additional $3,700 to put a roof on Hasowodze’s Primary School. Can you help us raise the roof today?

Together, we can finish what was started. We can build Hasowodze a school.

Let’s build the rural village of Hasowodze, a six-room school block that will accommodate 350 kids (pre-K through grade 6), with administration and storage rooms, and bathrooms! This school will tell these children, and their community, that they have not been forgotten. They matter and Hasowodze’s children deserve an education just as much as any kid, no matter who is in office.

Thank you for your faithful support of Framework International. This year is going to be an exciting one of not one, but two, ambitious renovations! And we look forward to building them with you.