Opening the Door to the New Year – December 2020

It’s almost the end of 2020! And for a lot of us, closing the door on 2020 isn’t coming soon enough. This year has been tough and we can’t wait for the fresh start a new year brings. I am right there with you. For me, this year has often made me feel like I was on a gerbil wheel, running at 100%, but going nowhere. 

But at Framework, because of your loyal and generous support, we aren’t going nowhere. In fact, this year has been amazing in that we were able to build two schools: the Jack Beu Primary School in Zeemboug and the Small London Junior High School! This is the first time in Framework’s history that we could tackle two school projects in one year – that’s going someplace. And we couldn’t have done it without you. So on behalf of the Board of Directors and the hundreds of children in Ghana that will now have a Framework built school in which to learn, THANK YOU!!!

As we open the door to the new year, we can’t wait to continue making a difference in the life of a child and their community with our 2021 primary school build in the rural village of Edukuma.

Edukuma’s six-room primary school is crumbling. It was built in the early 90s, out of wood and tin, and is located in a valley between two hills. When it rains, all the rain ends up in the valley, flooding the school. Because of the rain damage over the years, the school is destroyed – wood rot, crumbling mud foundation and torn roof sheeting. It is no longer safe or usable for the children as a school. The elders of Edukuma believe that having a new primary school is a critical step in reshaping a hope-filled future for their village.

We are honored to build Edukuma a six-room primary block and we will be doing it in two phases.

Phase 1: 2021 - $30,000 cost of build

We will lay the foundation for the entire school building and build three classrooms that will be fully outfitted and functional for commissioning Fall 2021. These three classrooms will house the lower primary students.

Phase 2: 2022 - $40,000 cost of build

We will build and outfit the remaining three classrooms (for the upper primary students), build an administration office/storage room and bathrooms with running water for commissioning Fall 2022.

The building cost per student is $200. Will you please consider a special gift to build the primary-aged children of Edukuma their own school block?

2021 School Build Schedule

January & February – Break ground and lay foundation

March & April – Build the frame, roof and walls for three classrooms

May to July – Building stops! Rainy season

August & September – Finish the interior and outfit the three classrooms

October 2021 – School opening for lower primary students of Edukuma!

Like in the States, Covid-19 has disrupted the lives of Ghana’s students. What a gift it would be, to show the children of Edukuma just how valuable we think they are by building them a new school building in which to learn. As we know, education opens doors. Let’s open this door to them in 2021!

As of today, due to the generosity of friends, like you, we have raised $15,000 toward the Phase 1 build. We’re halfway to our goal! Perhaps you can give a gift of $200, which is the building cost of one student. Or maybe you could give $50, which is the cost of a student’s desk and chair, or perhaps even a gift of $1,000 to paint the entire school! Whatever the amount, know that your gift will be truly transformative to this rural village that so desperately needs a primary school for their children. 

Please give generously today. Give a gift toward Edukuma’s future – for their children to have a safe and secure school in which to learn.

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,

Seth Prickett

Framework Founder and Board Chair