A School With a New Name – March 2020

There is great celebration going on in the rural village of Zeemboug, as the construction of our 7th school has begun. And I am thrilled to report building is going well, and we are on schedule to have the foundation and walls completed by the rainy season in just a couple of months.

The village of Zeemboug comes together in the ceremonial groundbreaking of our 7th school building project. The District Chief Executive and District Educational Director dig the first holes for the foundation, blessing our work together.

Construction partner Building for Future Generations hires local workers to help build Zeemboug their school. They are beginning to dig the school’s foundation – all of this is done by hand!

The trenches for the four-room primary school are being dug at least two feet deep and then reinforced with rebar. Soon, cement blocks will be placed into them to form a solid foundation that will last for years.

We were able to fully fund this school, in large part, due to the generous legacy gift from the Beu family in honor of their beloved husband, father, and grandfather, Jack Eugene Beu. Education was key to Jack. His entire career was in service to others – professionally, as an elementary school teacher and school principal; in retirement, as a person always looking for opportunities to connect with those in need. We are honored that the Beu family chose Framework International as the recipient of this gift. Jack’s legacy of serving others will continue in perpetuity in the rural community of Zeemboug, with the life-changing and community transforming gift of a primary school for its students.

In honor of Jack’s service, and in recognition of this gift, we will be naming the school in his honor: the Jack Beu Primary School of Zeemboug.

May Jack’s passion for education encourage and challenge every child who walks through the school’s doors – so that they may truly know, the life-transforming impact education can and will have on their life. 

Yours in empowering Ghana’s youth,

Seth Prickett

Framework Founder and Board Chair